Company Overview

Founded in 2009 by Clifton Robinson and Gordon Robinson, Southern Financial Group, LLC (SFG) specializes in the purchase and management of loans and other portfolio assets. With a concentration and expertise in the real estate market, Clifton and Gordon have been involved in loan acquisitions and distressed asset management since the mid 1980’s.

Since its inception, SFG has established a track record with a proven capability to respond quickly to ever changing market trends and the current economic environment – investing in over $300 million in debt acquisitions since 2009.

The Principals at SFG have assembled an experienced staff and network that allows SFG to acquire notes through several different approaches including FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations) auctions, private auction houses, and most importantly off-market sale transactions.

The debt acquired is primarily collateralized by real estate, but SFG also has a small concentration in business loans as well as property tax loans. Geographically, SFG has invested in assets located all over the United States in several different markets.

To date, SFG has primarily purchased distressed notes through FDIC approved auction houses, such as DebtX, Mission Capital and First Financial. While we are still heavily involved in sales from auction houses, we believe that the current economic environment has provided new opportunities to acquire debt through direct conversation with lending institutions. This approach allows lenders to expedite asset transactions by removing the necessary time to market assets through an auction platform. At this time, SFG primarily focuses on acquisitions through solvent financial institutions, insurance companies and CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities) services.


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